How to sell a quick house

How to sell a quick house

I cannot sell my house! What steps should I take?
Advertising the property in all possible means, especially the Internet and assume that you should lower the price are basic criteria to sell a house.

Without a doubt, to sell a house is not an easy task, so you have to be extremely aware of the difficulties that our country is experiencing, such as: unemployment, low wages, job and income instability, high interest rates, Short terms of loans, inflation, etc. In such a way that to attract a potential buyer of a house can be considered to some extent a privilege. It is therefore advisable to take into account a number of advices, especially to be extremely aware when setting the price; As well as flexible when negotiating with the potential buyer.

Here are the steps to sell a house quickly:

Announcing the property in all possible means
Real estate professionals or portals and real estate agencies are the best media to put a house for sale. When advertising the house on the Internet, there are greater chances of achieving the sale, once the ad is inserted, potential buyers see it immediately. At the end of the day, many people see ads on the Internet portals. On the other hand, it is essential to develop an attractive advertisement, which includes important information about the property: building meters, land area, distribution, number of rooms, year in which the legal status of the building was constructed or reformed, As well as the means of transport, sports facilities and nearby schools, or any other interesting feature of the area where the house is located.

Attach photos and even videos, as they are resources that increase visits to the ad. The photographic report should include good quality images of the interior of the house, with special attention to the bathroom and kitchen. The services of real estate agencies and professional agents provide comfort, a higher quality of visits and many advantages so that the client cannot be bureaucratic. The drawback is that, when hiring an agency, the hours of visit to the house between the professional, the buyer and the owner must be agreed upon.

Find out the price at which they sold other homes in the area (not advertised)
Has been investigating how much money has sold other properties with similar characteristics in the same area. This gives a benchmark and determines which price is competitive. In this case, it may be interesting to be advised by a real estate professional. In some situations, the property owner may choose to request a market valuation from a professional authorized by the National Commission of Banks and Insurance (CNBS). This will allow the buyer to know the amount of the loan that the financial institution will grant him, which generally ranges between 60% and 80% of the value of the valuation. For its part, the seller can certify to its prospective buyer the state of the property that offers and its value, which shortens the negotiation deadlines.

Be flexible with the price
The owner has to know the real value of the property it sells. Home prices are projected to sell 20% of the value of their valuation. Potential buyers are no longer the weak part of the bargain. On the contrary they are aware of their bargaining power because they know that sellers have difficulty selling and therefore are going to push to get the best possible price. From there, you have to define a strategy: if you want to sell fast, you have to start from a price below the real value; If there is no hurry to sell, try to keep the price.

Anyway, the most appropriate is to be open to negotiate the price of the property. It is necessary to evaluate if it is better to lower the price and sell or wait. To sell a house very quickly, the trick is to be willing to lower it and make an offer that buyers cannot refuse.

The house must be tidy and clean
If the house is furnished, it is not desirable that it be saturated with furniture or decorative objects, as it can give a feeling of reduced space or create a burden. The appropriate thing is to show the spaces diaphanous and luminous. A plant carefully and placed in a strategic place always provides energy.

Hygiene and order must be maximized in all rooms of the house, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. Ventilation is also very important, in order to prevent odors. A house can lose all its appeal if it smells in an unpleasant way, if there is dust on the furniture, the mirrors are dirty or the dishes are not scoured in the kitchen. In general, efforts should be made to make housing as orderly as possible.

If the closets and kitchen furniture are old, it is worth doing some minor remodeling to fix flaws that can give a bad image and scare the prospective buyer. In addition to checking the water and electricity installations, it is advisable to paint and take care that there are no cracks in walls and ceilings or leaks. An unpleasant atmosphere predisposes the potential buyer. Between two houses of the same price, characteristics and situation, the buyer will always choose the best presented.

Do not schedule several visits to housing at the same time
Is essential to teach the house to prospective buyers individually and not several interested parties at once. It is also easier to sell a home when it is uninhabited. If it is inhabited, there is a risk of not being able to reconcile the family life of the owners with the visits. In addition, potential buyers may feel uncomfortable visiting and inspecting the property because they have the feeling that they intrude into the privacy of the sellers.

Highlight and enhance the main qualities of the property
Is necessary to emphasize the qualities and advantages of the house, which differentiate it from the competition, and minimize their weaknesses, but without hiding. Showing the house in broad daylight, with windows and open doors generates a greater sense of spaciousness.
• If the house is central, it is necessary to emphasize the advantages of having everything to hand and the facility to access to any point of the city.
• If the property is located on the outskirts, highlights the tranquility, green areas, sports facilities and nearby schools, transport, etc.
• When the house has many windows, it should emphasize its natural luminosity.

The seller must have all documentation of housing in rule
It is essential to check the writings of the property in the Land Registry to close a sale without problems. The buyer can get to rethink the operation in the case of having to delay the formalities for any bureaucratic problem.

An agency can be used for professional advice. The real estate agents are very useful in these cases because the seller may not be familiar with some steps, such as the cancellation of the mortgage if it exists.

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