Secrets to selling a home

Secrets to selling a home

Why cannot I sell my house?

No doubt selling a house in these times is much more difficult than a few years ago, the period to achieve it is much longer and the price at which the sale is made is certainly not what was expected.

First of all, “we must be aware of the current economic situation”, I know several people who have several years trying to sell your house directly or through an estate agency without success, just look around you and see many posters Realtor discolored product so long exposed to sun and rain. One of the main advantages of using the services of a real estate agency is the deep knowledge they have of the market especially of new real estate and how they affect the sale price of used homes. Likewise, there is the paradigm in the mind of buyers to link a mortgage only to the purchase of a new home.

In general terms used homes are not sold especially for two factors:

  • They do not have the right price
  • They do not have the right promotion.

When you delegate the sale of your home to a real estate agency and after a certain time the sale is not achieved, the first thing you think about is that it is not doing the job properly. The catch is that if the “price is not commensurate to the market” can give to the most experienced, the most successful agency broker and I assure you will not be sold unless a miracle happens. It is important to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you really want to sell your house, if your answer is Yes, you must let go of all sentimental value and set a price per the market, otherwise it will be years and you will truncate your desire.

A common mistake is that people want to sell their house at a price based on the valuation done by a civil engineer, not that it is against the appraisals made by civil engineers, but it happens that they are builders and not sellers, So if you think that you are going to sell your house at the value of the appraise let me tell you that it is very feasible that it does not happen. I am of the criterion that one of the main problems of why it costs so much to sell a house and of the lack of dynamism in the market of real estate brokerage is because the majority of the people set the price of sale in function of the valuation. So if you want to sell your property do not expect to do it at the value of valuated, on the contrary to sell it at 30% less.

Another problem in pricing is that it takes as reference the value to which a house is announced in the same area, but from the moment it is being announced is because it is not sold, I leave it as a reflection; as the price that is advertised is not the price at which it sells. You must interrogate If you were looking for a house you buy yours the appraised value? If your answer is far from the sentimental plane, the answer will be NO.

Other people who try to sell their house and at the same time do not want to sell it, these are those who seek a real estate agency with the desire to achieve the sale, but at the same time do not want to pay the commission, i.e. do not want to sign any Type of contract that guarantees the payment of services to the real estate agency and will make any tricks to not pay. I advise my colleagues from other real estate agencies to avoid linking with these people because they will only waste time and all their effort will be in vain.

There are others who value the value of the appraisal that they will pay the real estate. I think if you really want to sell your house you should stop being greedy and be aware that there is no free lunch. You must let go of all sentimental value and put the valuation value in the background.

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