Tips for selling a home

Tips for selling a home

In times of an economic crisis as deep as today and the climate of insecurity that affects the investment conditions of our country, it is advisable to know what to do to achieve the sale of a home. For this reason we present some fundamental advice to achieve this task:


The first and most important thing to keep in mind when setting a home for sale, in order not to be demoralized, is that prices have gone down and that it takes longer to sell. The time interval from when the poster is placed “for sale” until the sale is closed has increased.

In addition, it must be clear that the market price is what the buyer is willing to pay. That is, as painful as houses are not sold to what an engineer evaluator says, the value of sale is defined by the law of supply and demand. If the price of a home is not adequate this will not sell or take a long time to be sold.


To have a benchmark, it is important to investigate at what price have been sold properties of similar characteristics in the same area. The right thing is to let yourself be advised by a qualified Real Estate Broker, who knows the price of each zone. It is important to mention the price of many of the houses is defined by the area, i.e. a house can have many improvements, but if the area lacks surplus value these improvements do not increase the sale price.


You have to make a list with everything that is damaged, worn or defective to fix it. Our recommendation is to make those improvements that give value or make housing more attractive, among them: We must cover all cracks and holes that exist in the walls, condition the floor, take care of the paint, heal the problems of humidity, pay special attention To the doors, toilets, washbasins, taps, lights and keys.

The buyer of a house that needs substantial improvements often discounts the final price of the repairs, as well; if the seller does not make these repairs, it limits the number of potential buyers who may be attracted to the home.


Having everything in order is essential and, if the real estate needs it, you have to give it a hand of paint (a facelift) with neutral, clear and soft colors, which appeal to a greater number of people. Although most buyers prefer to paint and decorate the house to their liking, or even change the interior layout, it is true that the buyer appreciates a newly painted home because it gives a greater sense of hygiene. In addition, the home should be well ventilated and smell good.

If the dwelling is inhabited, it should be coordinated to receive the visits of potential buyers with the anticipation, that is to say; never fall into the despair of showing the house if it is not clean and tidy; since it should be ensured that the house is in the best conditions.

It seems obvious that, between two houses of the same price, typology and situation, the buyer will always choose the best presented.


It is easier to sell an uninhabited property than an inhabited one. When a house is put up for sale, it is necessary to make the life of those who occupy it compatible with the visits to the house. The buyer feels more inhibited when opening cabinets, bathroom furniture or cupboards because he has the feeling of intruding into the privacy of the people who live in it.

When scheduling the visit of a potential buyer, there should be few people in the house. If possible, take pets to the house to avoid disturbances and discomfort. Nor is it desirable that there be many children in the building.

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